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3D Geometries Meshing

3D Geometries Meshing Methods in ANSYS Meshing

Introduction (3D Geometries Meshing Methods)

In this section, we have tried to teach you 3D Geometries Meshing Methods in ANSYS Meshing. All the 3D Geometries Meshing Methods require that the geometry consist of solid bodies. Grid generation is the sub-division of the domain into a number of smaller, non-overlapping sub-domains. The result of this division is a grid (or mesh) of cells. Mesh generation is also one of the most important parts of every CFD simulation. Therefore, we should designate enough time and carefully mesh the geometry. Then, you are able to generate high-quality mesh only if you understand the physics of the system and fluid flow. You can download the tutorial from the below links.

3D Geometries Meshing Methods

We have different 3D Geometries Meshing Methods. You can see different cases that we are going to investigate here:

  • Geometry Requirements
  • Meshing Methods
    • Tetrahedrons
      • Patch Conforming
      • Patch Independent (ICEM CFD Tetra)
    • Swept Mesh
    • Automatic
    • MultiZone
    • CFX-Mesh
  • Combining Sweep and Tetrahedral Methods for a Multibody Part
  • Inflating Tetrahedral and Sweep Methods

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