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About us: MR-CFD Company was formed in 2008 with target of CFD consulting and training

About Us

Our research, modeling and simulation group has started its professional activities from 2008. The group provides academic, research, and industrial modeling and simulation CFD services our academic service is about undergraduate and graduate level thesis in various engineering fields like: Mechanical, Civil, and Chemical engineering as well as Electrical and electromagnetics related projects using ANSYS Fluent and CFX. Also, we are professional on validate CFD journals and published paper and experimental fluid data.

CFD is Easy by our service, call us for CFD training and consulting by ANSYS Fluent and CFX, we do your CFD project with best quality and fee, CFD by ANSYS Fluent AND CFX is our expertise

Some of our CFD experience are listed below

  • Flow analysis in compressors and axial fans
  • Analysis of horizontal and vertical axis wind turbines (HAWT and VAWT).
  • Investigating the free convection heat transfer performance of Heller dry cooling towers.
  • Flow analysis in dams, runoffs, rivers, water open channels flow using VOF
  • Local cavitation analysis by Fluent CFD software
  • Analysis of UAV, airpalne , helicopter aerodynamics
  • Analysis of aerodynamic characteristics curves of airfoils
  • Thermal analysis of heat exchangers like shell and tube an plate heat exchanger
  • Heat transfer analysis of non-concentric and concentric tubes
  • combustion and reactive systems with pollution analysis (like gas turbine)
  • NOx, SOx, and soot formation analysis
  • Heat transfer analysis in free and forced convection
  • Melting and solidification processes
  • Compressible flow analysis, convergent-divergent nozzles; oblique and normal shock waves.
  • Investigation on using non-Newtonian fluids (Bingham) in well extraction.
  • Mass transfer processes like evaporation, cavitation, condensation
  • Analysis of Sediment retention and injected sedimentation
  • Analysis of louvers in dry and humid environments
  • Chemical reactions and species transport in chemical engineering
  • Flow analysis in various types of orifice
  • Heat transfer analysis in floor heating and comparison with other heating techniques in a room
  • Analysis of compressible flows around jet engines
  • Droplet moving analysis in 2 dimensions as well as 3 dimensions by VOF module.
  • Analysis of bubbling, slug flow phenomena
  • Flow analysis in wavy channels
  • Vortex flame analysis in various type of combustion chamber
  • Heat transfer analysis in porous media and effective heat transfer coefficient
    Analysis of water falls using VOF module
  •  Simulation of Micro pumps
  • if you have a problem in your CFD project by ANSYS Fluent AND CFX , just Stay in touch with us
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