Blade Tip Support in Turbo Setup in ANSYS CFX

Blade Tip Support and tip clearance

This video investigates Blade Tip Support. When we want to quickly define a steady state model on a centrifugal compressor with a tip clearance, first we should create one-dimensional meanline geometry in Vista CCD. In Vista CCD interface we specify working conditions and geometrical requirements for the compressor’s geometry. By default, a tip clearance has been specified for the geometry. Then by creating a new turbo setup cell from the existing Vista CCD cell, analysis setting according to one-dimensional design will be defined in Turbo setup automatically. In the Turbo Setup, we can quickly designate working conditions and geometry type. Here we can specify if the impeller has a tip clearance, shrouded or contains splitter. To produce the three-dimensional model of the compressor, one-dimensional meanline design is transferred to BladeGen.

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