Brake Rotor

Brake Rotor Transient Simulation using ANSYS CFX

Introduction (Brake Rotor Simulation)

In this tutorial, we investigate and model transient heating of a brake rotor. To do this, we consider a car rear brake that moves at the speed of 60 miles per hour and stops within 6.3 seconds. For minimizing the simulation time, we make the simulation simple by removing the geometry of wheel and brake assemblies. To simplify, only brake rotor is modeled. Moreover, to model brake pads we imply a source of heat to a small area of the brake rotor.

Brake rotors of simulation

Ambient temperature is 81F. Before taking a brake rotor temperature is the ambient temperature. The solution is also transient. We need two domains, one solid which is the rotor and one liquid which is the surrounding air. Finally, choose the materials and set up the transient solver and run the simulation.

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