Circular Cylinder Flow

Circular Cylinder Flow Simulation using Fluent

Introduction (circular cylinder flow)

In this section, we train you in setting up and solving a transient circular cylinder flow. The formation of the vortex is also investigated. Flow around a circular cylinder is one of the classic problems in fluid mechanics. Because of the geometry, we expect that the flow pattern to be symmetrical and steady. When the Reynolds number is low, the flow is stable and symmetric. According to the dominant influence of viscosity in low Reynolds flows, disturbances will be damped. By increasing the Reynolds number disturbances remain in the upstream flow. This leads to the phenomenon of Vortex Shedding which is very importance in different applications.

Steps in the simulation of flow past a circular cylinder

Consider a mesh that you have already implemented in FLUENT and then investigate it in terms of size and quality.  set up a transient problem. set the time monitors in order to watch lift and drag forces. Next, you can make an animation for this phenomenon and observe the vortex shedding and flow characteristics.

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