Training In Cold Flow Simulation Of A SI Engine

Training in Cold Flow Simulation of a SI Engine (Spark-Ignition Engine) with port injection in Fluent

Introduction (SI Engine)

The project aims to set up and model two-dimensional SI engine. The engine is a four stroke spark ignition engine. Especially with a port injection. SI engines in the industry are very important. An SI engine efficiency depends on complex processes, such as preparing the mixture, induction, combustion and the exiting flow of the engine. CFD simulations can be used to analyze these processes. Here,  we model intake, expansion, compression and exhaust flow without fuel combustion process. we simulated the port injection and droplet evaporation, too. we have used Wall-Film model in FLUENT to investigate the interaction of the inlet valve and the fuel spray.

This project will show you the following steps for the simulation of SI engines:

  • How to use In-cylinder model to simulate the reciprocating engines
  • Use of general methods for modeling the valve opening and closing
  • How to use the model (DPM) or (Discrete Phase Model) to simulate injection
  • Setting solver and do the iterations
  • result post-processing
  • View and create animations for droplet injections

Description of SI engine simulation

The simulation of IC (internal combustion)engines is one of the areas of focus in CFD. in addition, port injection contributes to efficiently mix the air and fuel. In this project, you have a two-dimensional engine and consider the input and output valves. The engine is working at 2000 rpm. we have considered the intake, compression, expansion and discharge process regardless of fuel combustion. Also, we will model injection and vaporization of the fuel droplets. We also investigate the interaction of the inlet valve with the fuel spray using Wall Film model in FLUENT.

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