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Social Distancing

Nowadays, CORONAVIRUS becomes a common nightmare for people all over the world. No practical cure has been found for this dangerous contagious virus, but there are lots of ways to protect ourselves and our living environments against CORONAVIRUS. CFD simulation can help us to find the best ways to protect our health. In these circumstances, both indoor and outdoor activities, without observance of hygienic principles, would be so fatal. These principles include both personal (frequent hand washing, wearing mask and gloves, …) and social. The World Health Organization (WHO) emphasis social distancing as the most prominent principle. Social distancing regard can be somehow complicated as it doesn’t follow a constant function and varies in different situations. CFD simulations would help predict the CORONAVIRUS distribution in different conditions. Some of these conditions are mentioned as follows.



Outdoor CFD Simulation (external environment)

Even in this precarious state, some outdoor activities (outdoor exercises, emergency shopping, …) seem to be unavoidable. Different states can be assumed for a body that carries the virus, and we might meet outdoor. He may cough, sneeze, or just breathe. The CORONAVIRUS dispersion represents various distribution patterns in different mentioned cases. Sneezing seems the most hazardous occasion; cough comes after, and finally, breathing as the safest one. CFD simulation helps us to investigate all different cases considering both static airflow conditions and considering various wind velocities’ effect on virus scattering. The wind effect can be beneficial or harmful regarding wind direction. Also, walking and running, shows, unlike virus distribution manners. All mentioned outdoor factors can be integrated and simulated by MRCFD to demonstrate all results for the best decisions and plans. Regarding these kinds of CFD simulations, we can find out the best imperative distance and also timing to be safe in an outdoor social environment with minimum peril. Suppose that you are obliged to go out for shopping from a pharmacy, or you have to go to fill your car fuel tank in a gas pump station. Now you can imagine how the CFD simulation is essential.



Indoor CFD Simulation (internal environment)

The most famous WHO motto is #Stay_At_Home. Staying at home significantly protects people against COVID-19. But unfortunately, we are not secure from this insidious virus even in indoor places like homes, cinemas, gyms, hospitals (operating room, ICU, …), elevators, factories, parking, and especially public transportation such as bus, train, and airplane. Practical indoor ventilation and air conditioning miraculously facilitate engineers to put the CORONAVIRUS down. Just like the outdoor investigation, breathing, coughing, and sneezing are feasible to be simulated by ANSYS Fluent software. There is a great difference between indoor and outdoor conditions. The only operating parameter in the outdoor investigation is the wind velocity and wind direction, which we cannot control them. Still, there is a different scenario for indoor study, since the air conditioning and ventilation can be designed base on the HVAC engineering principles. The air conditioning designing assists us in an optimized struggle with the COVID-19. We can change the CORONAVIRUS distribution pattern to decrease its suspension time and path for the minimum disservice. There might be a ventilation system for a place that is very amazing for air quality. But, when we are talking about virus dispersion, the air-conditioning system operation should be varied for the safety of the people who are breathing there. The main factor of falling a CORONAVIRUS inert (which is exited from the patient mouth) in a quiescent background is gravity, and the only parameter that can influence the virus particle falling time and path is the airflow. So, it is obvious that a wrong ventilation system (that seems very efficient ignoring the virus dispersion) in the presence of the COVID-19 can be deadly. A mistake in an air conditioning system design can cause competing between airflow momentum and gravity due to the wrong airflow direction or velocity, and hurt the air quality. The main aim in these crucial circumstances is to design a building ventilation system to obtain the minimum virus particle suspension time and to transfer the virus in a direction with the minimum meeting with the existing people in the building. Now, it can be concluded that ventilation systems can be so vital to defeating this disaster. CFD simulations help us to design the optimized air conditioning system to guard health against this contagious disease.

covid-19Various devices can be applied for an air conditioning system such as fans, swamps, splitters, and even natural ventilation methods like facades, and so on. Also, an air curtain is one of the popular systems in the ICU and surgical rooms. ANSYS Fluent can simulate breathing, coughing, and sneezing of patients in outdoor and indoor places considering temperature and wind effect, and even patient activity situations like walking, running, and so on. ANSYS Fluent software is also the best tool to model effective ventilation and air conditioning of various places, especially environments of high-risk potential such as hospitals, ICU, and surgical rooms. CFD simulations allow us to model all devices and people (doctors, patients, nurses, and treatment staffs) in a typical surgical room, a hospital, and every desired place. MR CFD experts are ready to guide you reach your aims to overcome COVID_19.


CFD Simulation for Air Conditioning (Ventilation)


The Discrete Phase Model (DPM) should be applied for CORONAVIRUS injection CFD simulation. The virus inert is assumed to be a discrete phase, while the airflow is assumed to be continuous. In breathing the virus is set as inert, while in coughing and sneezing the particle should be applied. Every particle contains almost 94% water and 6% of virus, sputum, and so on. After CFD simulations, the following results can be obtained. Particle tracking or particle trajectory (Particle Diameter distribution with Particle Tracks 3-D View and 2-D plot), virus suspension time (residence time) base on particle size, particle size distribution, particle evaporation (Particle Evaporated with 3D View), virus penetration length (Particle x, y and z penetration in length (meters)) due to the breathing, coughing, and sneezing, animation of particle diameter distribution with Particle Tracks, and so on. MRCFD experts are ready to help you protect the safety of people you pay attention to. Using our services, you can easily simulate the virus distribution pattern everywhere you imagine. The main target of indoor air quality (IAQ) is to provide the thermal comfort and different species concentration like CO2 investigation. But in CORONAVIRUS existing case the virus particle path also plays a main role for the ventilation system designing. ANSYS Fluent software is the most powerful tool for the mentioned CFD simulation.


Mask CFD Simulation

DPM & Porous

MRCFD experts also help you to simulate the mask-wearing effect. The mask models a real porous material and the CORONAVIRUS particles as a discrete phase. Various masks can be modeled based on their material porosity. By investigating the factor of how many particles are passed the mask and how many are trapped, we can obtain the efficiency of the mask After CFD simulation. More trapped particles are equal to more mask performance.



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