Simulation and Modeling of CutCell Remeshing Method

Simulation and Modeling of CutCell Remeshing Method Method Using ANSYS Fluent


This tutorial is similar to the previous remeshing tutorials. Now you will be using a 3D mesh for remeshing using the CutCell approach.The purpose of this section is to get familiar with the way you have to implement the setting and understand the workflow to get it done properly.There are 2 different methods of setting a cutcell type.
• The first one is mesh based size function.This method contributes to increasing the cell count as the application runs and the mesh is updated.While setting up dynamic mesh zone you have to set the mesh size as 0. So this method is suitable for a limited number of updates in the deforming mesh.
• In the second method is size function in which you have to define a proper size for each dynamic zone which is retained as the mesh is updated while the application runs.This method will more successfully retain the cell count as the mesh deforms.
This tutorial is written with the assumption that you are familiar with the ANSYS Fluent tree and menu structure. Some steps in the setup and solution procedure will not be shown explicitly.

  • Preparation
  • Reading and Checking the Mesh
  • Specifying Solver and Analysis Type
  • Specifying Dynamic Mesh Settings
  • Checking Mesh Motion
  • Summary

Problem Description



In this tutorial, you have gone through the third mesh method of moving deforming mesh, which is Remeshing.
With this method, there are two other ways of setting the moving deforming mesh:

  • 2.5D remeshing is used when the part to move is contained in a topology that is “sweepable”
  • CutCell remeshing

The Remeshing method can be applied on to 2D elements (tri), 3D ones (tetras), prsisms for 2.5D method, and mixed cells for the CutCell method.

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