Chapter Four Fluid Mechanics 9 638

Different modes of Multiphase flow

Different modes of Multiphase flow

There is no single universal model for multiphase flow. The flow transition from dispersed liquid bubbles in the fluid into slug flows and circular flow is possible. The flow rate increases from left to right. Methods that can be used to model interactions between phases (drag rules, etc.) can vary for different modes. Experimental data will always be useful for choosing the optimal model.


Modeling methods:

In general, there are two approaches to modeling multiphase flows:


In the Eulerian-Eulerian approach, it is assumed that two phases are present in all problem zones and interact with each other in a continuous manner. In a general model for this method, the equations are solved based on the volume fraction and field variables of the phases. Each of the Eulerian – Eulerian phases are defined with a separate diameter. To simulate dispersed air in water with three bubble sizes, four phases will be required by the Eulerian standard model. Demographic equilibrium approaches are also possible in this model.


In this approach, the particle is pursued as a Lagrangian within the fluid region as separate paths. The Lagrangian model is limited to the low concentration of particles in the base fluid, in which the interaction of particles is ignored. In this model, you can easily model the distribution of particle size.


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