DOE :Graph Display of Design Points

Graph Display of Design Points

These graphs (a graph of design points) represent the representation form of the values defined for each input parameter, including the parallel representation of parameters (parameters parallel) and the display of design points with each parameter (design points vs. parameter ).

Figure 1 shows an example of a graph of design points vs. parameters for each input parameter (design points vs. parameters). As input parameters, the right and left y-axes represent the range of radius and length changes, respectively, and the lower horizontal axis (x-axis) represents the number. Production design points in the design method are optional.

Graph Display of Design Points

Figure 2 shows an example of a graph showing the composition of the design points of each of the input parameters (parameters parallel). The horizontal axis (x-axis) consists of three defined input parameters. The vertical axis (y-axis) represents the range of changes related to each of the three input parameters, including each parameter’s minimum to a maximum value.

Graph Display of Design Points

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