DPM Injection

DPM Injection Type Setup (Single, Group, Hollow / Solid Cone, Surface, File, Volume)

Direct Injection Type Setup


Particle flow injected from a point is also shown in the figure below.

DPM Injection


Particle flows that are injected in groups and are shown as follows:

DPM Injection

As you can see, we first marked the two start and endpoints, and then by specifying the Number Of Stream, the particles began to inject.

Hollow / Solid Cone

This type is defined for three-dimensional problems, and its injection form is as follows:

DPM Injection


Particle streams are injected from a surface. There is an example here:


Particle flow injection locations and initial conditions are read from an external file (the file can be taken from a sample page from a previous calculation).


For patching a cellular area with particles: Useful for DEM type studies (funnels)

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