Drop Ejection Modeling ANSYS Fluent

Drop Ejection Modeling using VOF ANSYS Fluent

Simulation of Drop Ejection from a Printhead Nozzle

In this tutorial, we provide guidelines for modeling and simulation of drop ejection from the nozzle of the printhead. This simulation has application in designing inkjet printers. We use volume of fluid (VOF) model to predict the droplet shape. We also provide a user-defined function (UDF) for time-dependent boundary condition. You will also learn how to do the following through this tutorial:

  • Perform modeling by the VOF multiphase method
  • Use a UDF for the time dependent boundary condition
  • Using appropriate solver settings for conducting the simulation
  • Also, post-processing and analyzing the resulting data

Problem Description of Drop Ejection Modeling

In our simulations, we specify the surface tension and prescription of the wetting angle to capture the capillary effect on the ejected ink. It is also notable that the surface inside the nozzle is neutrally wettable, while the surface surrounding the nozzle orifice is non-wettable. Ink fills the nozzle initially and air fills the remaining domain. We assume that both fluids are at rest. To start the ejection, the ink velocity at the inlet boundary suddenly increases from 0 to 3.58 m/s and drops according to a cosine law.

We run the calculations for 30 microseconds and we do not consider gravity in our simulations. Also, we use a 2D geometry. The computation mesh contains 24,600 cells. It is notable that the domain of the problem contains two regions: an ink chamber and an air chamber.

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