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Every year, Elsevier accept and publish more than 250,000 journal articles.

The future career is one of the most concerns of students which become more pronounced in their last year of study. Furthermore, pursuing graduate studies is another student’s concern. The importance of these two issues is very important that in many developing countries, affects the future of students. Hence, many students in developing countries are interested in continuing their education or working in developed countries of Europe, Australia, Canada and the United States, and are trying to migrate to these countries to have a better future.
CV/Resume is one of the main points that students need to consider for immigration, whether they seek an academic or employment position. Particularly those applying for admission to universities from developed countries must pay particular attention to their submitting CV.
The importance of the CV is very much. Applicants with a relatively good academic resume are more open to selecting a position and can actually choose the best available position among them. A strong CV can be of great help for choosing the field of study, the destination campus, the international rank of the campus, the facilities provided by the lab, the admission process, and other important factors. The admission committee portrays you based on your CV. If the submitted resume is sufficient to attract their opinion, the applicant has somehow got an admission. The same applies to obtain a job application.
One of the most important sections of the resume, which includes several parts, is the publication section. These articles should, as far as possible, be related to the research fields of interest and, of course, their field of study. Another important point to be taken into account here is the reliability and scientific impact of the published journals. published papers in non-specialized, junk or fake/worthless journals, are not important and have a bad influence on your CV.
We have always sought to provide our services in forms of consulting, training and collaboration for undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate projects all around the world. Given the conditions described for students interested in pursuing higher education, we have decided to provide our complete package service for publishing high-quality journal papers.
The service includes project consulting, presenting new ideas and fields related to the applicant’s interested subjects, training how to carry out the project and analyze results with Ansys Fluent and Ansys CFX software. Moreover, our services involve writing and high-quality editing of scientific papers and guaranteeing publication in recognized journals. Applicants can successfully complete their dissertation by confiding their project to us. Afterward, we will publish a paper in one of the reputable journals, based on their thesis’s results. We believe our services will provide them with a solid resume for getting admission from respected universities.
Our team, which includes a number of graduates from well-recognized universities, has been involved in this field for nearly a decade and has published many articles in prestigious journals. In addition, the core of this team is a reviewer in high impact journals, which is a great asset for our team.
For consult on your case, please do not hesitate to contact us on

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