If you have questions, we have answers. So please before asking your question take a quick look at our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

What software is used for CFD simulation?

ANSYS Fluent

What software is used to design the geometry?

In most cases, our company offers Design Modeler software, and if necessary Gambit will be used.

What software is used for the mesh generation?

We offer ANSYS Meshing software; however, ICEM and Gambit would be used upon request.

Does our company send you all of the files after the simulations are finished?

yes, it does. the geometry, mesh, case, data, and any related files including a comprehensive training movie would be sent.

How is the training method after simulation?

Once we receive the confirmation of the simulation results, we will teach you the simulation process from the beginning to end online and also you will have the recorded movie of the online training.

Does our company offer training courses and consultation for your projects?

Yes, you will receive specialized project oriented training in your project field.

Is validations of papers and simulation of existing articles part of our services?

Yes, simulation and verification of papers using experimental data is our core expertise.

Does our company offer project consultation for the simulation of your academic theses?

Yes, our company is an excellent assistant to find innovative ideas for the improvement of systems in the field of fluid mechanics. We also investigate, simulate and analyze your ideas and you will receive the results using clear post processing (contours, vectors, plots, etc).

How are the fees paid?

Initially, a deposit is required as prepayment to start the project. Then the remaining will be received in some installments after you confirm the results.

Is it possible to import geometry from cad software such as CATIA and Solidworks? Do you have the choice to send us your geometry and we use it for simulations?

Yes, it is possible. If the geometry is very complex and it is not possible to utilize Design Modeler, you can produce geometry using CATIA or Solidworks and send us the geometry files in igs or stp format.

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