Gas Sparging Modeling ANSYS Fluent

Gas Sparging System Modeling ANSYS Fluent

Simulation of a Gas Sparging System

In this tutorial, we provide guidelines for modeling and simulation of a CD-6/HE-3 gas sparging system. Gas Sparging Systems are widely used in the biotechnology and processing industries for gas-liquid mixing, for example in large-scale fermenters. In order to model a gas sparging system, we use the Eulerian multiphase model coupled with MRF functionality.

You will also learn how to do the following through this tutorial:

  • Conducting simulations employing the Eulerian multiphase model
  • Modeling gas sparging system using the multiple reference frame (MRF) functionality
  • Solving the problem using appropriate solver settings
  • Also, post-processing and analyzing the resulting data

Problem Description of Gas Sparging and Simulation Strategy

We model a 2 m diameter, 2.8 m height tank with an ASME bottom depth of 0.3394 m. The tank contains water up to a level of 2.4 m. The tank has four baffles, a central shaft with two impellers (CD-6 and HE-3), and a ring sparger.

The purpose of the simulation is to maximize the contact between gas and liquid. The impellers develop a complex flow pattern by pumping the liquid in the downward and radial directions. After the gas sparging, the gas bubbles rise to the top due to buoyancy forces. Through this process gas escape from the outlet. The amount of gas that stays in the vessel at steady state is called gas holdup. The aim of our modeling is to evaluate the effect of the flow pattern on the gas-liquid mixing and gas holdup. We model the impellers using the MRF technique.

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  1. Could you please provide the information regarding the geometry and meshing of the system such i.e. which program you used for making the geometry and meshing. if possible then send me the geometry and meshing files. thank you

    1. Hi dear
      we can create geometry and mesh of gas sparging system by design modeler and ansys meshing
      just call us on WhatsApp: +995593675107

  2. Gas Sparging System Modeling ANSYS Fluent,
    How to put in the air bubble diameter (0.002 m) on the air phase set up ? it does not clear.

  3. Gas Sparging System Modeling ANSYS Fluent
    How to put in the air bubble diameter (0.002 m) on the air phase set up ? it does not clear.

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