Electrical and Power Engineering

What is Electrical and Power Engineering?

Electrical and Power Engineering, the branch of engineering concerned with the practical applications of electricity in all its forms, including those of the field of electronics. Electronics engineering is a branch of electrical engineering concerned with the uses of the electromagnetic spectrum and the application of such electronic devices as integrated circuits and transistors; in the field of electronic engineering, engineers design and test circuits that use the electromagnetic properties of electrical components such as resistors, capacitors, inductors, diodes, and transistors to achieve a particular functionality.

As electronic systems become smaller in size every day, thermal management of electrical systems has become the central area of focus in research and development in electronics. A failure in providing sufficient heat dissipation (cooling) in an electronic device such as a computer or a smartphone can lead to temporary or even permanent breakdown of the device due to the occurrence of extremely high temperatures in different parts, such as printed circuit boards (PCBs), central processing unit (CPU) or disk drives, which results in malfunctioning of these components. Engineers must give a high priority to thermal management in the design process of electrical devices.


CFD simulation in Electrical and Power Engineering

Electrical or Electronic engineers often need to deal with potential overheating and thermal failure of electronics or electrical equipment that they’re designing.  This may occur in extreme environments, under harsh conditions, or even with prolonged continuous usage in normal ambient conditions. Fortunately, modern CFD technology allows Electrical engineers to accurately predict the thermal performance of electronics and electrical equipment during the early design stages, giving engineers the confidence that thermal failures in the field (and the adverse warranty issues they may bring) can be considered a thing of the past. Electronics CFD simulation tools will quickly and accurately account for all relevant physics, including the complexities of:

  • mixed convection effects (forced convection plus effects of natural convection)
  • buoyancy due to natural convection
  • conduction and heat dissipation within PCBs
  • boundary layer airflow and conjugate heat transfer on arbitrarily complex geometries and shapes
  • thermal radiation between all components and to the external environment.


MR-CFD Electrical and Power Engineering Services

With several years of experience simulating a wide range of problems in various CFD fields using Fluent software, the MR-CFD team is ready to offer extensive modeling, meshing, and simulation services. Simulation Services for Electrical and Electronics engineering are categorized as follows:

  • Electrical device cooling (CPU, IGBT, Rack server …)
  • Using PCM for electrical instrument heat transfer (radiator, cellphone …)
  • Power turbine
  • Electrical Power generator cooling (surface cooling and inner cooling) miner
  • Design room for digital mining currency like bitcoin miners, including selecting appropriate swamp and fan size, designing the cold and hot room, etc.
  • Transformer cooling (air-cooling and oil cooling)

You may find the related products in the categories mentioned above in our CFD shop by clicking on the following link:


Our services are not limited to the mentioned subjects. The MR-CFD team is ready to undertake different and challenging projects in the Electrical and Electronics field ordered by our customers. You can consult with our experts freely and without charge at first, and then order your project by sending the problem details to us using the following address.

[email protected]

By entrusting your project to the MR-CFD team, you will not only receive the related project’s files (Geometry, Mesh, Fluent files). Also, you will be provided with an extensive tutorial video demonstrating how you can create the geometry, mesh, and define the needed settings in the Fluent software all by yourself. And these all come with post-technical support from the MR-CFD team.

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