Introduction to ANSYS Meshing (Applications – Mixing Tank)

Introduction to ANSYS Meshing (Local Mesh Controls)



  • This workshop will demonstrate the practical application of ANSYS Meshing to a mixing tank model. Access to DesignModeler is required.


  • Starting ANSYS Meshing
  • Generating a mesh
  • Decomposing for Sweep Meshing
  • Local Sizing
  • Using Advanced Size Functions
  • Using Inflation
  • Named Selections


  • This geometry contains two single body parts, an inner body containing the rotating impeller and, a stationary outer body. This will result in a non-conformal interface which will allow the impeller to rotate in the simulation.
  • The impeller body is complex and so the Tetrahedrons Method combined with Advanced Size Functions to capture curvature would be a good candidate.
  • Inflation will also be used on the impeller surfaces to capture boundary layer gradients.
  • The same method could be applied to the outer body for simplicity. However, some simple slicing operations in DesignModeler will allow more efficient sweep methods to be applied.

View Mesh


  • Rotating/moving parts can be solved using sliding meshes utilising non-conformal interfaces as demonstrated here or, for rotating parts, by an alternative method utilising rotating reference frames.
  • The latter method does not need a non-conformal interface though it does still require the rotational zone to be contained within its own body. In this case the methods of geometry construction and meshing are the same with the exception that the rotating zone would be included in the multibody part along with all other bodies and a conformal mesh produced.
  • Both methods have respective advantages. More information on solving such cases is covered in the solver training courses.

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