Introduction to ANSYS Meshing (Local Mesh Controls)

Introduction to ANSYS Meshing (Local Mesh Controls)



This workshop will demonstrate how multiple methods and local controls can be combined to create a conformal hybrid mesh on a multibody part (valve geometry).


  • Methods

– MultiZone, Sweep, Patch conforming Tetrahedrons.

  • Local Sizing

– Edge & Face

  • Local Inflation
  • Selective Meshing


  • In the Outline, right click on Mesh and select Show Sweepable Bodies.

– Three of the five bodies could be meshed using the Sweep Method.

– The central region is complex and therefore will be meshed using the Patch Conforming Tetrahedral Method.

– The remaining body cannot be swept using the standard sweep method since it contains multiple source faces as shown. MultiZone will however be able to sweep this.

View Mesh

View Mesh Interior

Create a Section Plane (Continued):

  • Align the model to to the -X Axis (Right click View  Left).
  • Click the New Section Plane button.
  • Click and drag the cursor through the model as shown from top to bottom.
  • Switch off Section Plane 1 (uncheck Slice Plane 1 in the Section Planes Panel) and restore the view to the +Z Axis (Front).
  • Note the swept MultiZone mesh. • Switch off all Section Planes.


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