Introduction to Multi-Phase Flows (part 2)

Multiphase flow dispersed- continuous

In these flows, there is a phase in the form of separate particles, small droplets or bubbles in a continuously dispersed phase. Examples of this category of multiphase flows are:


  • Rain: air + water (droplet flow)
  • Beverages: Liquid + Bubbles (Bubbly Flow)
  • Lime Water: Water + Concrete (Particulate Flow)
  • Air with dust (particulate flow)
  • Small liquid droplets floating in a liquid like droplets of oil in vinegar

A flow called dispersed phase when the non-continuous regions occupy space, otherwise the phase is continuous. In these flows, high density and high velocity ratios are possible. Common examples include bubble columns and fluidized bed.


Multi-Phase Flow Continuous- Continuous

In this type of flow, two phases or fluids continuously occupy certain areas. Of the most commonly examples is free surface flows. Other examples of these multi-phase flows are:

  • Mold filling
  • Breaking the dam
  • Fill a gasoline tank
  • Level fluctuations in a container
  • Flow in an open canal

These types of flows can have homogeneous or non-homogeneous behaviors. The idea of homogeneous behavior is that the two phases move at a rate equal to each other and they can share all field variables except the volume fraction.


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