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Mesh Quality In ANSYS Meshing

Mesh Quality Considerations in ANSYS Meshing

Mesh Quality and Mesh Generation

In this section, you will get familiar with Mesh Quality consideration in Fluent and CFX. ANSYS Meshing Application objective in Workbench is to provide access to common ANSYS Inc. meshing tools in a single location, for use by any analysis type such as FEA and CFD simulations. Grid generation is the sub-division of the domain into a number of smaller, non-overlapping sub-domains. The result of this division is a grid (or mesh) of cells. Mesh generation is also one of the most important parts of every CFD simulation. Therefore, we should designate enough time and carefully mesh the geometry. Then, you are able to generate high-quality mesh only if you understand the physics of the system and fluid flow.

Mesh Quality Investigation

In this section, we have tried to give you an introduction to Mesh Quality.  You can download the tutorial from the below links. You will also learn about the following subjects.

•         Mesh Quality Metrics in ANSYS Meshing

–        Skewness

–        Aspect Ratio

–        Worst Element

•         Mesh Quality Considerations for the FLUENT Solver

–        General Considerations

–        Impact of Mesh Quality on the Solution

•         Mesh Quality Considerations for the CFX Solver

•         Factors Affecting Mesh Quality

–        CAD Issues

–        Mesh Resolution and Distribution

–        Meshing Method

–        Inflation

•         Strategies to Improve Mesh Quality

–        CAD Cleanup

–        Virtual Topology

–        Pinch Controls

–        Sensible Mesh Sizings and Inflation Settings

–        General Recommendations

•         Virtual Topology for an Auto Manifold

•         FLUENT and CFX Mesh Quality Metrics

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