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Mixing Tank Modeling

Mixing Tank Modeling in Fluent Software

Introduction (Mixing Tank Modeling)

The purpose of this training is to study and describe the three-dimensional turbulent fluid flow. Also, in the training files, it’s modeling in a cross-section of a tank mixer is studied.  The boundary condition is periodic. The process of mixing in the industrial processes is completely complex. The efficiency of the mixer is dependent on the type of the agitator. in order to determine the efficiency of a mixing tank, the time of mixing up is a sensitive factor. CFD simulation of such issues includes investigation of items such as various species concentrations, flow velocity, and temperature distribution. therefore, the simulations can help engineers modify the designs causing optimal design choice.

Steps for the simulation of a Mixing Tank

The geometry of the mixing tank consists of a cylindrical vessel and a rotating turbine. The fluid in the tank is water. Consider a mesh that has already been implemented in FLUENT and investigates it in terms of size and quality check. Then, set the boundary conditions for the moving fluid, the walls, and periodic parts. The turbulent model used for the simulation is RNG k-epsilon. finally, specify solver settings and start the iterations. Using Iso-surface and quantity control check convergence of the solutions and finally check the results on the entire domain. for post-processing contours and plots for the cylindrical vessel and the turbine are investigated.

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