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Modeling bubbling fluidized bed using DDPM+DEM

Modeling bubbling fluidized bed using DDPM+DEM

The DEM collision pattern develops the DPM pattern in Fluent to model dense particulate flows.The pattern can be used with Dense DPM to account for the effect of blockage of particles on early phase solution. This is useful for modeling applications such as bubbling fluidized beds, risers, pneumatic conveying systems, and the flow of slurries.


The DEM patterns are especially useful for :

  • When coping with a wide particle size distribution
  • When coping with relatively coarse meshes



In this tutorial, the mechanics of using the Dense DPM or DEM models have been analyzed, and the focus is on the application of these models.

From the classic fluidization curve, if the superficial velocity of the inlet fluid is small, the bed is not fluidized and behaves like a packed bed. As the velocity of the fluid is increased, the bed begins to fluidize.

One of the classical ways to understand the phenomena is the fluidization curve; here the pressure required to pump the fluid at the inlet is studied as a function of the superficial velocity.

However, this increase begins to taper off as the condition of incipient fluidization is reached, and the pressure reaches a constant value (in a time-averaged sense). This constant pressure at fluidization conditions is sufficient to maintain the buoyant weight of the bed.

In this tutorial simulations for a given superficial velocity where a bed is fluidized has been modeled.

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