Liquid Chemical Reaction Modeling

Liquid chemical Reaction Modeling Using ANSYS Fluent

Modeling Liquid Chemical Reaction in CIJR

In this tutorial, you will learn how to simulate a liquid chemical reaction using the Eulerian Composition PDF transport model with Discrete Quadrature Method of Moments (DQMOM) in ANSYS FLUENT.

Micromixing in Liquid Reaction

Micromixing plays a key role in determining the conversion of products for reactions involving liquids at the molecular level. It alone can affect the yield of the desired product in cases where there are parallel competing reactions. Fast chemistry models in ANSYS FLUENT like Non-premixed equilibrium model, steady laminar flamelet, and eddy dissipation model are not able to capture the physics of micromixing and therefore may not predict conversion, selectivity, and scale-up accurately.

The Full composition PDF transport can solve liquid chemical reaction. However, the computation cost involved with the Lagrangian approach is very high, because kinetic calculations are done using particle-based methods, such as Monte-Carlo.

Another option is to use the DQMOM-IEM model. This model solves for the PDF transport in the Eulerian framework and significantly reduces the computational cost. It also preserves the accuracy of the calculations.

Problem Description

A CIJR consists of two high-velocity, coaxial liquid jets that collide and produce mixing times on the order of milliseconds. Here, you will learn how to evaluate the extent of mixing by using the pair of second-order parallel reactions.

In this tutorial you will also learn:

  • Set up liquid chemical reactions in a confined impinging jet reactor (CIJR)
  • Set up DQMOM-IEM PDF Transport model with liquid micro-mixing extension
  • Calculate the solution
  • Examine results using graphics

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