Non-Newtonian Transitional Flow

Non-Newtonian Transitional Flow Simulations for an Eccentric Annulus in Fluent

Introduction (Non-Newtonian transitional flow)

In this section, we study Non-Newtonian transitional flow. You will learn how to set up and solve a non-Newtonian turbulent three-dimensional fluid flow. Non-Newtonian flows exist more in oil and gas industries. For example, in drilling oil wells to remain in suspension during the stationary periods, non-Newtonian fluid appears. For directional drilling, an eccentric annulus is used. We want the cuttings to accumulate in the narrowest gap which the least velocity value exist. Given that turbulence tends to stop such a combination, investigating the velocity profile in the drilling is necessary for proper design.

Steps in the Simulation of Non-Newtonian transitional flow

First, Consider the mesh and investigate it in terms of size and quality. Then, set up the material for non-Newtonian viscosity and set the transient solver. In this simulation, you will learn how to determine the periodic boundary conditions, and the use of K-epsilon turbulence model to simulate fluid flow. Results can be post-processed using the ISO-surface and Iso clip and will be compared with experimental results.

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