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Non-Premixed Combustion Simulation

Non-Premixed Combustion Simulation using ANSYS Fluent

Introduction (non-premixed combustion)

Here, we study non-premixed combustion simulation. This is the simulation of the combustion chamber using the probability density function (PDF). Also, we use species transport model for the simulation of reactive flow. Reacting flows involve fluid flow and chemical reactions at the same time. Combustion is a kind of reacting flow process occurring in many industrial application. Applications such as internal combustion engines, gas turbines, power station combustors, etc.  A major goal of investigating reacting flows and combustion processes is to understand these processes deeply in order to optimize the systems such processes occur.

Simulation of non-premixed combustion

To solve the problem of non-premixed combustion of natural gas, you should use the non-premixed combustion model for the chemical reaction. In the applications related to combustion, P1 radiation model gives better results; therefore, here we use P1 model. For modeling of turbulent flow, use K-epsilon model. Non-premixed combustion model uses one or two conserved scalars and mixture fractions. A variety of chemical species, including radicals and intermediate species, may be considered. finally, You can extract Information on chemical species from the chemical database. Also, chemical-turbulent interaction is modeled by a beta function.

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