Ohmic Heating And Use Of User-Defined Scalars And User-Defined Memories For Modeling

Ohmic Heating and Use Of User-Defined Scalars And User-Defined Memories For Modeling

Ohmic Heating

The purpose of this tutorial is to illustrate the use of user-de ned scalars (UDS) and user de ned memories (UDM) for modeling the electric resistance heating of fluids. Ohmic heating is also an advanced food processing method used to heat liquid foods, where electricity is passed through the liquid food itself. Through this process, the electrical energy is converted to heat energy. Conventional food processing heating methods can damage food quality due to the relatively slow energy transfer rate and signi cant temperature gradients associated with conduction and convection driven heat transfer. In comparison, also, ohmic heating uniformly heats the entire mass, ensuring a product of better quality.

In this tutorial you will learn how to:

  •  UDS for modeling the electrical current continuity equation.
  •  UDM for storing the data at each cell center.
  • Use the source terms to model the volumetric heating.
  • Setup the solver and perform iterations.
  • Check the convergence.
  • Examine the results.
  • Perform post-processing of UDS and UDM.

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