Parallel Processing Using ANSYS Fluent

Parallel Processing using ANSYS Fluent

Introduction (parallel processing)

Here, we investigate Parallel Processing using Fluent. ANSYS Fluent is promising software for engineers. Those who are eager to efficiently predict the physical and chemical processes in the industrial world. Moreover, With ANSYS Fluent, engineers have the necessary tool for an excellent design of specific products. ANSYS also lets you simulate your CFD projects using parallel processing.

Preparation for parallel processing

In this tutorial, we consider a simple three-dimensional problem for the illustration of the parallel processing capabilities of ANSYS Fluent. To implement the solution in parallel, we should divide the mesh into smaller partitions that in each the number of mesh is even. Each ANSYS Fluent Process, a computational node, solves a single partition and the result is passed the front and back partitions interfaces. ANSYS Fluent solver allows parallel processing on a parallel machine or a network of workstations running on Windows, UNIX, or Linux gives.

Here, we assume that both ANSYS Fluent software and network communication software have been installed correctly. We examine the problem of elbow mixing. To do this on Windows or UNIX / Linux run parallel version of ANSYS Fluent. First, prepare a mesh for parallel processing. Then, Use a parallel network of workstations. Finally, check the solution’s performance.

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