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Periodic Flow And Heat Transfer

Periodic Flow and Heat Transfer Simulation by ANSYS Fluent

Introduction (Periodic flow and heat transfer)

This section describes how to simulate the two-dimensional periodic flow and heat transfer. These flows have important applications in the industry such as steam generation in boilers. Here to explore these flows you will learn to model a tube bank with a specified fluid temperature that is exposed to external flows. Both fluids are water and the flow regime is laminar.

Considerations in the simulation of Periodic flow and heat transfer

First, determine the mass flow rate of external flow. This modeling is for predicting the flow and temperature fields. Heat transfer method is convection. Because of the symmetry and periodic flow of tube bank, we only model a part of the geometry in ANSYS Fluent; that symmetry is applied at the external borders. The resulting mesh includes the periodic symmetric model. In this problem, the periodic boundary condition is set for the inlet and outlet boundary is its shadow. In this simulation, you would define the periodic areas first. Then, determine the periodic mass flow rate and with specific thermal boundary conditions simulate periodic heat transfer. Use a pressure-based solver and run a solution and plot temperature profiles on the specified Iso-surfaces.

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