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Pipe Flow Simulation

Pipe Flow Turbulent Simulation using Fluent

Introduction(pipe flow simulation)

Here, we want to simulate turbulent pipe flow. The project also aims to set up and solve the three-dimensional turbulent fluid flow within a pipe. An internal flow is constrained by the bounding walls, and the viscous effects will grow and meet and permeate the entire flow. At a finite distance from the entrance, the boundary layers merge and the inviscid core disappears. The tube flow is then entirely viscous. Different types of pipes are used in all engineering industries. Therefore, checking the entry length and development of fluid flow and the pressure drop in the pipes are very important. Fluid flow in pipes occurs in most of the fluid mechanics problems. Here, we investigate the correlation of pressure drop in the pipe and entry length in terms of Reynolds number.

Simulation steps in pipe flow

Consider a mesh that you have already implemented in FLUENT and then investigate it in terms of size and quality.  Next, add a new material from the database. Then, set the boundary conditions and specify solver settings and start the iterations. We use standard k-epsilon turbulence model for modeling the turbulent flow. Finally, study the results and compare them with experimental data. You can expand the current solution using animation tool to see the animation.

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