Porous Media Simulation

Porous Media Simulation using Fluent software

Introduction (porous media simulation)

Modeling of flow in porous media has many applications in industries such as filters and catalyst bed. In this tutorial, you will learn how to model and solve a problem involving a gas flow in porous media.

For this purpose, a catalytic converter including gas flow is simulated. Usually, catalytic converters are used in diesel and gasoline engines purifying the exhaust gasses. In this method, dangerous emissions that are harmful to the environment are converted to acceptable materials. These emissions include carbon monoxide, nitrogen-oxides, and unburned hydrocarbon fuels. Exhaust gas must be passed through a layer, the layer has a ceramic structure which is covered by a catalyst such as platinum or palladium.

Steps in the simulation of porous media

CFD analysis for the design of a catalytic converter is very important because we need to understand the pressure gradient and velocity distribution throughout the layer. The gas flow modeling helps us model non-uniformity found in the layer. In this tutorial, ANSYS Fluent is used to simulate the geometry of the catalytic converter in a flow of nitrogen gas. To do the simulation a porous media and the pressure based solver are picked. The pressure distribution and velocity on certain surfaces are analyzed. Finally, analyze pressure drop in the layer and the degree of non-uniformity.

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