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Project Description

Airflow simulation around a vertical turbine using ANSYS FLUENT

The vertical axis wind turbines, VAWT, have a vertical rotor. The most important advantage of this configuration for wind turbines is that in these cases there is no need for the direction of the wind. These turbines are suitable for places with variable or turbulent winds.

In vertical axis wind turbines, components like the generator can be located near the ground, so the tower does not need to take care. Also, renovation and maintenance are easier. The biggest drawback of these turbines is the generation of the drag force.

Because these wind turbines should be installed closer to the ground and at low altitude the wind velocity is lower, so less energy is produced than the specific size of the turbine. The airflow near the ground and other objects can create a turbulent flow that results in vibration, including noise and fatigue of the bearings, which may result in increasing the maintenance and a reduction in lifetime.

The two main types of turbines are, Darrieus and Savonius wind turbines.

Advantages of vertical axis wind turbines:

  • No need for the deviation mechanism
  • Can be installed closer to the ground.
  • Starting speeds are lower than horizontal axis wind turbines.
  • Where construction of high-rise buildings is prohibited, they may be used.

Disadvantages of vertical axis wind turbines

  • Less efficient than horizontal axis wind turbines due to having the drag force.
  • Having a rotor near the ground with low wind speed.

In this analysis, it has been tried to analyze the airflow simulation around a vertical turbine using the ANSYS Fluent software.

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Project Details

TITLE:  Airflow simulation around a vertical turbine

PROJECT TYPE: Turbomachinery

TIME: 24 days



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