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Project Description

CFD Simulation of Flow in a hydrocyclone Using ANSYS Fluent Software

This separator is based on the vortex force produced by its helical body, which, unlike the simple appearance of the machine, does not have an engine, blade, and movable and electric parts. This device has an exciting and sophisticated performance. One of the interesting issues in this device is that there is at least one movable blade in the usual separators, which are rotated by electromotor force, and produce airflow and separates the small from coarse grains. But in hydrocyclones, a circular airflow is generated by its body, which the body is made up of a helix and is curved that acts as a tornado accelerator and accelerates the flow in the curvature of the body and finds the flow of air that generates a whirlwind.

The hydrocyclones perform the separation based on the centrifugal force. So that the flow of gas (fluid) passing the dust from the upper wall of the hydrocyclone body, which is cylindrical and leads to a defective cone, enters the cyclone and flows downward. At first swirl in the circular space of the exhaust pipe and the inner surface of the cylindrical part of the hydrocyclone, and then in the hydrocyclone chamber, thus creating an environmental vortex. This operation increases the centrifugal forces and drives dust particles along the gas towards the cylinder wall and cone sections. In the cone section, the flow of gas changes direction and goes upwards and outlet pipe. The dust particles after contact with the cyclone wall fall to the bottom of the cyclone and exit through the hydrocyclone outlet.

In this analysis, it has been tried to simulate and analyze the air separator flow in a hydrocyclone using ANSYS Fluent software.

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Project Details

TITLE: CFD Simulation of Flow in a hydrocyclone Using ANSYS Fluent Software

PROJECT TYPE: Mechanical, Discrete Phase Model

TIME: 39 days



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