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Natural convection is a mechanism, or type of heat transport, in which the fluid motion is not generated by any external source (like a pump, fan, suction device, etc.) but only by density differences in the fluid occurring due to temperature gradients. In natural convection, fluid surrounding a heat source receives heat and by thermal expansion becomes less dense and rises. The surrounding, cooler fluid then moves to replace it.

Cooling of electrical and electronic systems has always been one of the major concerns of engineers in improving the productivity of such systems. Cooling of such systems by fluids now has an important part of the industry in fluid mechanics. Cooling by fluids, especially by free convection heat transfer due to low cost and higher efficiency, has been a major encouragement for mechanical engineers. One of the most important methods is the natural-oil-natural-air (NONA) cooling system in a free convection heat transfer system in a transformator.

In this system, the air naturally comes in contact with the outside of the radiator. Radiators naturally cool with the air. Also, the oil flow in the transformator is naturally circulating. The hot oil rises up and the cold oil is replaced. This type of cooling system is limited to low power transformators, because by increasing power of the transformator, the coil heat increases, and the oil must be exposed more quickly to the outside air and cool down faster. This type of system is used for power transformators up to MVA 30.

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