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Project Description

Simulation of airflow around a ship propeller using ANSYS FLUENT

Over the years, considerable research and development has been made on designing to ensure the safety of ships, passengers, and floating personnel. Meanwhile, costs have been saved by increasing efficiency.

Surface propulsion systems and submersible vehicles have followed standard propulsion mechanisms for many years. The walls must be designed to reduce noise and vibrations, and ultimately have the lowest possible level of cavitation available to achieve the propulsion. Changes made in the core of the geometry and do not create any changes in the manner in which we define and analyze the performance.

Essentially, a propeller design is made in one of two ways:

First, based on the results of open-water experiments performed on a series of model propellers. Different tested propellers have different parameters such as the number of blades, blade area, step ratio, etc. Based on these results and floating requirements, the parameters can be selected to obtain a suitable design.

The second method involves the steps of the same method and the first one that is mentioned. This includes finding the length of the cord, the shape of the section, the step, etc., and then finding the torque, the thrust, and the efficiency. This procedure applies to the permits. They require features other than commonly designed propellers, such as propellers that need to work in a non-uniform Wake Pattern or those exposed to cavitation.

In this analysis, it has been tried to analyze the simulation of a ship propeller using the ANSYS Fluent software.

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Project Details

TITLE:  Simulation of airflow around a ship propeller


TIME: 26 days



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