Dynamic Pressure
Dynamic Pressure
Mulecular Viscosity
Wall Yplus
Wall Shear Stress
Velocity Pathline
Turbulent Kinetic Energy
Turbulence Intensity
Pressure Pathline
Dynamic PressureMulecular ViscosityPressWall YplusWall Shear StressVelocityVelocity PathlineTurbulent Kinetic EnergyTurbulence IntensityPressure Pathline

Project Description

The term cylinder often refers to a solid cylinder with circular ends perpendicular to its axis. The cylindrical surface with no end is called an open cylinder.

A circular cylinder can also be thought of as the solid of revolution generated by rotating a rectangle about one of its sides. These cylinders are used in an integration technique for obtaining volumes of solids of revolution. Perforated circular cylinder has many application in industries.

In this analysis the Simulation of flow control behind a perforated circular cylinder has been done, using Ansys Fluent Software.

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Project Details

TITLE: Simulation of flow control behind a perforated circular cylinder


TIME: 16 days



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