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Project Description

Wind catcher or wind tower is kind of ventilator has been used for many years in different regions with hot or humid climate for air conditioning and cooling of the buildings.  Wind catchers are traditional natural ventilation systems which first were introduced in Persian architecture.   Wind catchers nowadays are used in parts of central Iran and different part of Middle East. Wind towers have various uses; one of them is cooling the buildings in summer time. These wind catchers uses an air flow intake part to catch the air flow and are located above the building; then, the air is guided to the building therefore the stream is downward. Another type of wind tower woks with temperature gradient and natural convection and the stream is upward. These applications can be considered for ventilation of zero energy buildings and other case we want to use clean energy. Moreover, we can combine wind catchers with the modern systems and design environmentally friendly air-conditioning systems.  CFD simulation of wind catchers in different climates is an efficient way to investigate the performance before construction. We offer you CFD simulation of wind catchers which are the most natural way of ventilation in the world.

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