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Project Description

The spiral heat exchanger (helical heat exchanger), consists of a number of coils (tubes or spiral tubes) with a Helix curve (spring-like) embedded within a shell. For increasing the heat transfer area, instead of a spiral tube, several tubes are spirally arranged and all connected to an input and output. The plate edges are welded shut so that each fluid stays within its own passage and there is no flow bypassing or intermixing.  Channel plate width and spacing (gap between plates) are optimized for the specified duty, maximum heat transfer, and ease of access.  The plate gap is maintained by welded spacer studs although some designs do not require them.

Due to its inherent circular design and large surface area to volume ratio, the spiral heat exchanger offers unique advantages over other types of heat exchangers like the shell and tube. Experimental studies have been done on the specification of flow and heat transfer inside spiral tubes. In this analysis, heat transfer was attempted to simulate and analyze a tube shell spiral converter using Ansys Fluent software.

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