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Heat+with11o3ut F11low Field
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Project Description

In many engineering fields, we encounter unsteady and transient heat transfer problems. For example, the heat transfer from the cylinder wall of internal combustion engines is one of the issues in which the wall temperature changes by the time. Other examples can be found for the unsteady heat transfer in everyday life, for example, the sudden cooling of the air and changes in the temperature of the earth’s surface by the time. The governing equations for unsteady or transient conducting heat transfer are in Cartesian, cylindrical or spherical orthogonal coordinates. These equations have an analytical solution on the condition of being linear. Various methods have been proposed for solving it.

The main objective of this project is to obtain the balance time and temperature profiles at different times. There are two types of solutions for this problem: the first solution is to solve the Navier Stokes equations around the rigid body and solve the equations in the form of coupled. So that the heat transfer equations are solved on the fluid’s surrounding and also in the rigid body itself simultaneously. This solution is the most accurate solution. But it’s time-consuming, and it takes up to 24 hours to run the program on PCs and resolve up till it reaches to a balance.

But the simpler solution is to estimate the heat transfer coefficient around the rigid body using analytical relationships in the heat transfer books, so only heat transfer in solid can be considered. In this way, free flow temperature, the initial temperature of the rigid body, and the heat transfer coefficient on the various components of the rigid body are required. Whole body is divided into three different parts. The box has a heat transfer coefficient of 79, 98, for the table, it is 90, and for tube, it is 73.

This simulation and analysis have been modeled in Ansys Fluent software.

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