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Wind turbines are equipment used for producing electricity from wind power as a sustainable energy which is available free of cost. All of wind turbines work the same; the energy from the wind would rotate a shaft, the shaft is equipped with appropriate blades to extract the wind energy. Wind turbines are classified based on their blades and shafts types. For instance, horizontal and vertical axis wind turbines (respectively: HWAT and VAWT) with different kinds of blades. Efficiency of wind turbines is very important and High efficiency will led to more electricity generation.  One of the methods has been used recently to improve the efficiency of wind turbines is CFD simulations. These CFD simulations would help engineers design and build more efficient and powerful wind turbines. In CFD analysis of wind turbines different phenomena may be taken into consideration; for instance, laminar, transitional or turbulent flows; lift and drag forces exerted on blades; fluid induced vibration and noise; aerodynamics of wind turbines and any other parameters affecting the efficiency of wind turbines. Considering the fact that ANSYS is powerful software for simulation of wind turbines, and we assure you that our experience in this field will benefit you.

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