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Post-Processing Using ANSYS Fluent

Post-Processing Training using Fluent Software

Post-processing by Fluent

In this section, you will learn the post-processing using FLUENT software. After the solution is complete to study the numerical results you have to perform post-processing. We can see the results in terms of vector plots, contour plots, 2D and 3D surface plots, particle tracking, view manipulation, etc. More recently these facilities may also include animation for dynamic result display.

Circuit board simulation and post-processing

For this simulation and post-processing, we use a three-dimensional model of a circuit board with a heat-generating electronic chip. The flow regime is laminar on the chip and includes conjugate heat transfer. Heat transfer in the chip is conduction and in the fluid is both conduction and convection. The fluid is air and you can choose it from the material database. Such example is very common in industrial applications including design and cooling of electronic components. In this tutorial case & data files are read. First, adjust lighting and then create three-dimensional surfaces to display the information. Finally, Plot Temperature contours and velocity vectors on different surfaces. Also, you may compute heat transfer coefficient.

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