Rotating Reference Frame

Rotating Reference Frame (MRF) in ANSYS Fluent

Introduction (rotating reference frame)

Here, we study the use of rotating reference frame (MRF) method by a two-dimensional cross-sectional area of the flow of a centrifugal blower. In many industrial fields, we have to deal with rotational flow domains such as centrifugal blowers. In the problems that all moving parts of turbomachines such as fan blades, hub and shaft surfaces rotate in a specified angular velocity, and the rest of the walls are fixed, we can use rotating reference frame method. We can also use all domains as a single rotating reference frame in this method. However, when each part rotates at different speeds specifying one reference is not sufficient.

Using rotating reference frame in the simulations

In ANSYS Fluent, we can analyze the characteristic of flows that are dependent on multiple rotating parts using (MRF) method. The important thing in this model is that multiple reference rotating frames can be considered in a single domain. Therefore, the resulted flow domain shows us a snapshot of transient flow, in which, rotational parts are rotating. If we can draw an interface with little or no angular dependence, the simulation model is a reliable tool in time-averaged flow areas. However, the use of this model in sophisticated simulations where more rotating parts exist is very useful.

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