Sandia Flame Modeling ANSYS Fluent

Sandia Flame Modeling with PDF transport

Simulation of Sandia Flame Using PDF Transport Model

In this tutorial, we provide guidelines for modeling and simulation of a flame using the PDF transport model. By employing this model, we are able to simulate realistic finite rate chemical effects such as non-equilibrium CO and OH, and local flame extinction.

You will also learn how to do the following through this tutorial:

  • Solving the piloted jet diffusion flame using the PDF transport model
  • How to use partially premixed combustion model to obtain the initial solution
  • Using the PDF transport model to obtain the final solution
  • Examine energy balance using heat flux reports
  • Also, post-process the resulting data

Problem Description of Flame Modeling

Here we model an axisymmetric jet diffusion flame. The main jet nozzle has diameter 7.2 mm, and the burnt pilot annulus has an outer diameter of 18.2 mm. We model the pilot to delay the flame blow-off. In order to make the modeling easier, we select the volume fraction of air and CH4 to be 75% and 25% respectively. The mixture fraction has the stoichiometric value of 0.351. Also, the flame length is about 47 jet nozzle diameters. We use this simple, axisymmetric jet diffusion flame because extensive and accurate experimental measurements are available.

Simulation Strategy for Flame Modeling

We conduct PDF transport simulation in two steps. First, we use partially premixed model to find a chemical equilibrium solution. Then, we use PDF transport model to obtain the final solution. This strategy enables us to reduce the number of iterations of the PDF transport simulation since partially premixed simulation provides a good initial condition.

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