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Mr CFDComputational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation services for aerodynamic and aerospace engineering

Aerospace, aerodynamics, and aeronautics engineering are the most critical subjects in the field of fluid mechanics. They focus on the interaction of air and bodies. You can also see the applications of aerodynamics in designing vehicles, different kinds of wind turbines and compressors, wings, airplanes, and any flying object. Also, Achieving a complete understanding of fluid flow behavior is possible through analytical, experimental (using appropriate wind tunnel) investigations and CFD simulations. Which the latter has recently provided a stepping-stone to understanding aerodynamics better than before. In many applications, CFD enables us to accomplish detailed aerodynamic measurements, especially aerodynamics forces, and make accurate predictions of the airflow effect on bodies.
Software for modeling, meshing, and simulation services for Aerospace and Aerodynamics engineering students.




The primary target of CFD in the aerodynamics area is predicting velocity and pressure distribution around bodies (like cars, birds and airplanes, etc) and consequently, determine the pressure, Drag, lift, and moment coefficient.  And also using a different method to improve these coefficients. Increasing or decreasing of each coefficient completely depends on their application. For example, in designing aircraft, we tend to reduce Drag force and increase the lift force, and in another word, we tend to increase the Lift to drag force ratio. But in designing a wind turbine, we tend to increase the power coefficient that is related to the moment coefficient. Consequently, the moment coefficient is related to Drag and force magnitude simultaneously.

So the target is different in various applications. There are various methods to control aerodynamic force around the vehicles. Some of these methods are related to changing geometry parameters including thickness and shapes (using different airfoils and shapes). Using a magnetic field (MHD) for controlling fluid flow behavior around bodies. Using movable parts (aileron, elevator, and rudder in airplane and pitch in wind turbine ) to control flow in a different situation.

badmintonIn Ansys fluent, there is a professional module to optimize and design the aerodynamics shape of bodies. This module is RBF-morph. by defining the target for every aerodynamic coefficient, the desired shape will be changed and finally, we have the final shape is STL format.

Having several years of experience in the simulation of various CFD fields using Fluent software, the MRCFD team is ready to offer services in Modeling, meshing, and simulation. You have the following software options to organize a project.
• Design Modeler, Gambit, and CATIA for modeling
• Gambit, ANSYS meshing, and ICEM for meshing
• Fluent for CFD analysis
• CFD-Post and Fluent software to extract the results and post-processing

aerodynamicSimulation Services for aerodynamic and aerospace engineering

• Simulation and analysis of helicopters, airplanes, quadcopters, etc.
• Aerodynamic simulation of flow around the passenger aircraft, unmanned, etc.
• Flow simulation around a variety of cars and vehicles.
• CFD Simulation of aircraft engines turbine, gas turbine, and Jet.
• Simulation of the Jet combustion chamber.
• CFD Simulation of turbofan fan, fan drop, etc.
• Simulation of centrifugal compressors and Jet engine thrust.


MR-CFD experts are ready to fulfill every Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) needs. Our service includes both industrial and academic purposes considering a wide range of CFD problems. MR-CFD services in three main categories of ANSYS Fluent Consultation, ANSYS Fluent Training, and ANSYS Fluent Project Simulation. MR-CFD company has gathered experts from various engineering fields to ensure the quality of CFD services. Your CFD project would be done in the shortest time, with the highest quality and appropriate cost.

vortx around wind turbine

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