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Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation services for chemical Engineering spacecraft

Chemical engineers have recently started to use the power of computational fluid dynamics simulation to investigate and simulate the combination of fluid flow and chemical processes. For instance, we can also use CFD in the systems with reacting flows, combustion and heat, and mass transfer. Using CFD tools will help a chemical engineer understand physical and chemical processes in more detail, leading to significant process and product improvements in the industry.

A combination of the chemical reaction and fluid dynamic is an interesting area in the field of engineering. From a long time ago, chemical engineers discovered chemical reaction stoichicombustion chamberometric balance for most species in the world. They still work on discover new reaction and intermediate reaction for each reactant. What is more interesting is what will happen to a reaction in different situation of fluid flow. What is the effect of velocity, temperature, and pressure distribution on the reaction procedure? They also predict the impact of these parameters on the rate of the reaction. Especially, the effect of temperature on the rate of reaction. However, what will happen in complex geometry? In which point, reactant will see each other? The reaction will occur or not. What is the temperature distribution caused by this reaction?

This area is what is very interesting. Combination of the science of chemical engineers and fluid mechanic engineers. CFD engineers use the science of both to create new opportunity to design a new device and discover a new world! Discover a new world like designing a new combustion chamber for spacecraft or controlling new reaction to generate new materials.

The CFD simulation in this area is very sensitive. Because there are many details in both filed and in most cases, small bad assumption leads to complete the wrong result. For example, In each simulation, we should know the detail chemkin of each reaction. It is mean detail of reactions. Can we use a simple one-step reaction? what is the Rate of reactions؟ . Can we simulate an infinite rate? What are reaction-turbulence interactions? Etc.combustion chamber

We use ANSYS Fluent package Software for modeling, meshing, and simulation services for chemical engineering

Having several years of experience in the simulation of various CFD fields using Fluent software, Mr. CFD team is ready to offer services in Modeling, meshing, and simulation. You have the following software options to organize a project.
• Design Modeler, Gambit, and CATIA for modeling
• Gambit, ANSYS meshing, and ICEM for meshing
• Fluent for analysis
• CFD-Post and Fluent software to extract the results

Simulation services for chemical engineering

• Simulation of chemical reactionsflame
• CFD Simulation of combustion (premixed, species transport, non-premixed, partially mixed)
• Simulation of heat exchangers
• CFD Simulation of chemical reactors
• Simulation of mass transfer (evaporation, condensation, cavitation)
• The melting and solidification simulation


MR-CFD experts are ready to fulfill every Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) needs. Our service includes both industrial and academic purposes considering a wide range of CFD problems. MR-CFD services in three main categories of ANSYS Fluent Consultation, ANSYS Fluent Training, and ANSYS Fluent Project Simulation. MR-CFD company has gathered experts from various engineering fields to ensure the quality of CFD services. Your CFD project would be done in the shortest time, with the highest quality and appropriate cost.

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