Free Surface Flow

What are Free surface flows?

In physics, a free surface is a fluid’s surface subject to zero parallel shear stress, such as the interface between two homogeneous fluids. An example of two homogeneous fluids is the liquid water and the air in the Earth’s atmosphere. Free surface flows involve a mobile interface between a liquid and an immiscible atmosphere. They arise in many different contexts ranging from industrial applications to the natural environment. They play, for example, a prominent role in coating technologies, fuel injection spray, physiological flows, hull design for ships, sloshing dynamics, geophysical flows such as rivers or glaciers, and many more. A key challenge associated with modeling such flows is a mobile interface and potentially a wetting front, where the liquid, solid, and surrounding atmosphere meet. Over the recent past, our understanding of such flows has primarily grown due to the rapid development of combined numerical methods and computational resources.

Free Surface Flow

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