Fluid Structure Interaction (FSI)

What is Fluid-Structure Interaction (FSI)?

Fluid-structure interaction (FSI) is a multiphysics coupling between the laws that describe fluid dynamics and structural mechanics. This phenomenon is characterized by interactions – which can be stable or oscillatory – between a deformable or moving structure and a surrounding or internal fluid flow. When a fluid flow encounters a structure, stresses and strains are exerted on the solid object – forces that can lead to deformations. These deformations can be quite large or very small, depending on the pressure and velocity of the flow and the material properties of the actual structure. Suppose the structure’s deformations are quite small and the variations in time are also relatively slow. In that case, the deformation will not greatly affect the fluid’s behavior, and we can concern ourselves with only the resultant stresses in the solid parts. However, if the variations in time are fast, greater than a few cycles per second, then even small structural deformations will lead to pressure waves in the fluid. These pressure waves lead to the radiation of sound from vibrating structures. Such problems can be treated as an acoustic-structure interaction rather than a fluid-structure interaction. Yet, if the deformations of the structure are large, the velocity and pressure fields of the fluid will change as a result, and we need to treat the problem as a bidirectionally coupled multiphysics analysis: The fluid flow and pressure fields affect the structural deformations, and the structural deformations affect the flow and pressure.



MR-CFD, an expert in the field of FSI simulations

One of the most important applications of ANSYS software is simultaneously analyzing fluids and solids. This software allows us to use fluid-structure interactions to establish the relationship between fluid analysis and solid analysis and investigate how the structure and fluid interact. The mentioned process above is done by coupling Fluent software with transient structural using the system coupling option in ANSYS.

With several years of experience simulating a wide range of problems in various CFD fields using Fluent software, the MR-CFD team is ready to offer extensive modeling, meshing, and simulation services. Simulation Services for FSI are categorized as follows:

  • simulation of stress and strain analysis of blood vessel in variable blood velocity
  • Predicting final deflection and fluctuation of high altitude and skyscraper
  • Human heart stress analysis while pumping blood in a human vessel
  • Generating power from sea waves on the beach using a flexible structure
  • Stress and stress analysis of tidal turbine in submerged and submerged situation
  • Airplane wing fluttering in turbulence fluid flow
  • The fluctuation of structure in vortex shedding region

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