Large Eddy Simulation (LES)

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Large Eddy Simulation (LES)les vs rans

In most industrial applications, fluid flow is turbulent and in another word, flow velocity magnitude and direction fluctuate during the time. There are three models for investigating turbulence effects. Direct numerical simulation (DNS) in DNS no modeling required. DNS solving is not practical for simulating industrial work that Reynold’s number is very high. The computational cost of DNS is related to the cube of the Reynolds number. The computational cost of this model is very high and is not proposed for industrial work. Needs the high number of elements and consequence high-performance CPU (HPC) and application that detail of fluid flow and eddies is important we must use DNS. Another method is Reynolds Average Naiver Stokes (RANS). By using this method we just find the effect of turbulence and eddies, in other words, we will find the Reynolds stress magnitude and turbulence viscous. The computational cost of this model is lower than DNS and can be simulated in a steady state. There is another model that can be solved in some industrial work that we should know more about eddies and vortexes. This model is used for finding large eddies behavior. We know that most of passive scalar and mass and momentum are transferred by large eddies. Large eddies behavior is more related to special problem and geometry and boundary condition related to especial work but small eddies behavior is more universal. So we can simulate small eddies by various models such as the RANS model (k-epsilon, k-omega, and so on).rans les dns

When we simulate the LES model we should use the transient model and also finer mesh compare to RANS models such as K-omega and k-epsilon. Also, we should use a smaller size of the mesh, and consequently, the number of mesh is higher. So the total computational cost is high and we need a high-performance computer. But the computational cost of this model is lower than DNS.

We are experts in simulate problems that LES should be used as a turbulence model. Since the computational cost of this model is very high so the total time of our contract for this project is higher than the RANS model, sometime about 100 times RANS works. in the following, you can find a summary of our work related to LES.les

  • Vortex shedding around circle barrier
  • Fluid solid interaction of tailed circle
  • Simulation of fluid flow around various barrier shape (triangular, square, etc.)


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