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Mr-CFD offers a complete range of CFD analysis, consulting services and training

Training in CFD

One of our objectives is Training in CFD to boost the use of powerful computational fluid dynamics methods. Our Company wants to teach the engineers and those who seek professional knowledge in CFD and related skills.

We proudly announce that we have a set up an exceptional online procedure. We aim to help you learn computational fluid dynamics step by step. Whether you are a beginner or a professional in CFD simulations, our experts in CFD are ready to pass the essential advanced skills on to you in all CFD fields.

Wherever you are in the world, you can benefit from our professional services and online CFD courses. Mr CFD Company is also the first company which has prepared excellent conditions so that you can learn online. The training course will be done using the TeamViewer software.

Then after the training, we send the recorded video of the session to you. We assure you that by attending the online courses with professional trainers, you will understand CFD deeply and use CFD packages as well.

Mr CFD Company services

Due to the wide range of mechanical science and the different fields of work as well as the abundance of projects, this company offers to view all the products presented in this section. In the absence of any desired project or project close to your request, you can search our portfolios in order to find your eligible project, after all, if you didn’t find any ideal project you can order your project from the services pages on the header of this website. Your order will be reviewed by our experts in the shortest possible time, and if we need more information about the proposed project, we will be in touch with you. After completing the required information to examine the proposed project, and confirming your request, the time, conditions and costs will be sent to you during the contract. This process will take place as soon as possible. If you have any question, you can contact to our online support section (the fixed blue tab below the page). If it is offline, don’t worry, you can post your message, and it will be answered as soon as possible.

For cases that the client wants to learn a simulation procedure from the base step to the end.

Time Span (Days) Maximum Hours Price (USD) Order In 3 Easy Steps
30 4 80
30 8 160 155
90 12 240 220
90 24 480 425
180 24 490 435
180 48 960 800
365 48 990 845
365 96 1920 1595

Due to your professional advice on my project, I succeeded to improve my idea in subject of my project and organize the CFD simulations efficiently.

Frede Blaabjerg

I was working on my projects for about 6 month without any appropriate results. Then, After participating in just a few training sessions I succeeded to finish my project in only one week.

Bheemaiah Nandineravanda

I noticed that your training team includes professional experts in analysis of fluid mechanics problems and in implementation of computational fluid dynamics methods.

Loren Garcia

I really appreciate the services I have received during online training courses. I learned my project in detail through your professional step by step teaching procedure.

Srikanth Dabbikar
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