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Geometry Modeling

MR-CFD experts are ready for analysis, consulting, training, and CFD simulation.

Geometry Modeling

Here, we investigate geometry modeling. Nowadays, computer-aided engineering (CAE) is an important section in engineering analysis. Before CAE, we should also know about computer-aided design (CAD) and geometry modeling. CAD tools make us capable of building geometry models of solid objects and empty spaces. Afterward, the output of CAD tools

CAD tools make us capable of building geometry models and geometry modeling of solid objects and empty spaces. Afterward, the output of CAD tools are used as inputs for CFD packages where the fluid mechanic’s problems are simulated. Some of the appropriate CAD Tools for building the virtual model of the real geometry are CATIA, SolidWorks and ANSYS ICEM software. Moreover, Gambit and ANSYS DesignModeler are very good for creating the model geometry. The geometry and flow domain should be

Moreover, Gambit and ANSYS DesignModeler are very good for creating the model geometry. The geometry and flow domain should be modeled in such a way to make an appropriate model for the next step, the grid generation. Therefore, when we are creating the geometry we should have the structure and topology of the grid generation in our mind.

Our company has organized many projects using all of the mentioned tools; however, after years of experience, our professional CFD consultants offer the best choice which is ANSYS DesignModeler which is very compatible with Fluent.


MR-CFD experts are ready to fulfill every Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) needs. Our service includes both industrial and academic purposes considering a wide range of CFD problems. MR-CFD services in three main categories of ANSYS Fluent Consultation, ANSYS Fluent Training, and ANSYS Fluent Project Simulation. MR-CFD company has gathered experts from various engineering fields to ensure the quality of CFD services. Your CFD project would be done in the shortest time, with the highest quality and appropriate cost.

My friends and I have used your supports and consultations in different fields. We believe that Your company is the first company which offers such professional services in different Felds related to computational fluid dynamics.

Raj Kumar Saini

I really appreciate your professional consultation through technical support section. Before getting familiar with your technical team I had investigated many tutorials, but I didn’t find your professional hints which I successfully used in my simulations, in any of them.

Claudia Zamarco

Considering the special conditions of my project I was not able to request a full simulation. I faced a lot of problems during my project in different stages; however I succeeded to conclude my project because of your support.

Ahmed Al-YasirY

I am really grateful that the technical support section was with me throughout the simulation process and gave me necessary advice where I need.

Vivek Gupta

What are you waiting for? Submit your training request!

Technical Support & Online Training

Our technical support team has years of experience in coordinating CFD projects using ANSYS Fluent software. The MRCFD technical team helps you to Simulate your desired CFD projects by online training. MRCFD is the first organization you can trust in to order your CFD projects online. Our professional CFD engineers and consultants in different engineering fields are ready to offer you exceptional services and technical supports.

In case you need support for your projects you can send us your orders. Our technical team offers you an especial and economical way to organize your CFD projects through online training. Our engineers can support you step by step while you are doing your own projects. Once you face a problem during your CFD simulations we can help you solve the problem immediately so that you will be able to continue your project efficiently.

The technical support services by MR-CFD:

  1. Consulting & Training

For cases that Fluent file has been simulated by the client and has some problems, and for cases that the client wants to learn a simulation procedure from the beginning step to the end.

Time Span (Days) Maximum Session Time  (Hours) Price (USD) Order In 3 Easy Steps
2 1  80
4 2  150
6 3  210
8 4 260
10 5 300
12 6 330
14 7 350
16 8 360
  1. CFD Simulation (including free online training and consultation)

Some complicated case studies should be ordered as an official project contract to be simulated by MR-CFD team, since they are not feasible by just consulting and training. But in these cases training would be free after simulation. In these cases the price and time span would be informed after investigation the project as an official contract.

To order your ANSYS Fluent project (CFD simulation and training), contact our experts via [email protected], online support, or WhatsApp.


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