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Simulation of 3D wind tunnel in Ansys Fluent

Simulation of 3D wind tunnel in Ansys Fluent

The wind tunnel has played a leading role in aerodynamic performance analysis since the first days of powered flight when the Wright brothers used a wind tunnel to evaluate the lift and drag of their airfoil profiles. A wind tunnel simulates the movement of an object (e.g., an aircraft or a car) through air by placing a stationary scale model of the object within a duct and either blowing or sucking air through the duct. Mounting the model on a force balance allows measurement of forces, such as drag and lift or downforce, as the air interacts with the scale model.

In the latest automated wind tunnels the force results for an alpha sweep (varying the angle of the aircraft relative to the oncoming air flow) can be rapidly accumulated in a matter of seconds, much faster than it would take a typical CFD method to produce the same results.

This RBF-Morph tutorial is termed “A 3D wind tunnel” and has the objective to provide the user with the guidelines for setting up and solving a morph study.

This tutorial shows you how to do the following:

  • define source points by means of different approaches
  • preview source points in the baseline and morphed configuration
  • generate and check the solution
  • load and adjust an existing solution
  • list the surfaces effectively involved by the encap action
  • accomplish the morph testing and save the adjusted solution
  • reset a solution
  • set up a multi-morph solution

Problem description

The geometry of the model consists of a perfect cube which is immersed into a box defining the virtual wind tunnel. The edges of the cube are 1m long and its surfaces, called cube, are parallel to those of the wind tunnel in the baseline configuration.

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